Penguin and Panda SEO services

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Google Panda had its entry in the year 2011 and got regularly upgraded since then. Panda attempts to eliminate low quality articles from showing up on the search engine. Also, if a site has a problem with navigation then, Panda handles it brilliantly by restricting it from appearing on the search engine. Panda content marketing has steadily grown and persuaded companies such as Media Challengers to advice clients into accepting this technology with much ease.

Penguin and Panda SEO services

Google Penguin has got to do with link building completely. This particular method stops manipulative links that are formed just to establish a connection to the main page. If bad links are spotted by the search engine then, the owner of the site will be cautioned to remove such links and conduct proper audit of the site. Both Panda and Penguin are about keeping the site without developing any blemish and improving the search engine rankings of the site.

In these lines, Media Challengers makes sure that contents are developed properly and without duplication. The limitation on keyword usage is very strictly followed to avoid over emphasis of a particular subject. Each content is checked meticulously before being blog-posted. The site is checked very often for spam links and dealt with clearly.

Media Challengers, led by Birendra Kumar, is the foremost SEO and PPC services company, specializing in implementing a comprehensive range of online marketing techniques to enhance business profitability. As a Google certified agency partner, we bring expertise in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) strategies to drive successful digital campaigns.


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