PPC For Lawyers, Hire Google Ads Consultant For Lawyers / Law Firms


Law Firm Google Ads PPC Campaign Setup:-
– PPC campaign setup
– Keywords research
– Multiple Ad group creation
– Quality ad copy creation,
– Google Analytics ( GA4), GTM & conversion tracking and optimization
– Landing page optimization ( Suggestions)
– Setting up required Ad Extensions
– Call to Action (CTA) setup
– Remarketing/Retargeting campaign Setup
– Setting up different Display Network Advertising for better branding
– Negative keywords Research
– Call only campaign setup

Other Law Firm Services:-

–  Monthly Campaign Management / Optimization
– Google My Business Setup & Optimization
– Local Law Firm SEO

Lawyer case studies

Why Should You Choose Us As Law Firm Google Ads Consultant?

– Certified by Google and Bing/Yahoo
– Guaranteed rankings SEO/SMO/SEM services
– Committed to 1st-page ranking in Google
– Work as per the USA schedule
– Law Firm Lead/ Call Generation Track Records
– Money-back guarantee

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Google Ads Consultant for lawyers – How to get more leads for your law firm

Did you know that your law firm can emerge to be the most popular in the city? Did you know that you can start getting more leads that will propel your law firm to new heights in the field? Well, with Google Ads for lawyers, this is not a fruitless dream anymore. At Media Challengers, we take it upon ourselves to make it happen! With our PPC for lawyer strategies and proven techniques, we can ensure that your law firm is the one people find when they need lawyer services in your area!

Best-in-class results for PPC for law firms

Exceeding client expectations is what we are known for and that is why clients are always happy with our services. Pay Per Click is not something that will fetch results when done in a generic manner. Our digital marketing team will understand the goals and objectives of your law business and then find out what needs to be done to get it noticed online. Our PPC campaigns delves deep into the psychology of the people looking for the services your firm offers so that we are able to draw up and create ad copy that fetches best-in-class results.

What you can expect from Media Challengers regarding Google Ads for lawyers

Attorneys have it tough to prove themselves every day and that is why our Google Ads for lawyers services are aimed at making their lives a bit easier. Here are the things you can expect from us:

  • We deliver results: There are many reasons why people love what we do but what puts us really apart from the rest of our competitors is that we maintain our goal of always delivering results. Our Google Ads for lawyers’ services offer excellent ROI that makes it possible to take your law firm business to the next level. We take the time to understand your needs and design a PPC for lawyers campaign that is personalised for you.
  • Customisations: Your goals and objectives will be completely different from that of another law firm. Your PPC campaign will thus be a reflection of what you are offering your clients and what your goals are. We offer wide customisations to our clients to ensure that each and every one of them are happy with our Google Ads for lawyer services.
  • Right usage of Google: Our team is an expert on Google and especially Google Ads and they work at ensuring that they are aware of the latest trends too. This makes it possible for them to draw up and create a PPC campaign that will help you reach your target audience and bring in new leads.
  • More conversions: When a lawyer hires a Google Ads consultant/specialist, he wants more conversions and that is exactly what we bring to the table. Our result-oriented approach regarding Google Ads for lawyers leads to more conversions and ensures that your cost per customer acquisition is low.
  • Management of PPC campaign: There is no ‘’formula’’ for success with PPC and the only thing we take for granted when we are hired for a project is that it will be exciting. The management of your PPC campaign is something we get done smoothly so that ad copy is created and uploaded depending on what people are looking for at a particular time. This ensures that the chances of conversion are high.

The key benefits we offer with our PPC for lawyers

  • Years of experience: With many years of experience in creating GoogleAds (PPC) campaigns for lawyer clients under our belt, Media Challengers is the right option for you to set your business apart. Attracting end customers to a law firm is not easy and after working with the top firms in the country, we can say with certainly that we can make it happen. We have a deep understanding of what demographic of the population to target because of our experience and that is why we can assure you that we bring more to the table.
  • Exceeding client expectations: We under-promise and over-deliver, making us one of those companies who exceed client expectations regarding Google Ads for lawyers We are affordable and we have the capability of delivering results you wouldn’t be expecting. We understand that you will be investing money into your PPC campaign and our Google Ads for lawyers campaign for you will definitely have a positive impact on your business.

Why hire us as your Google Ads (PPC) expert?

  • Customer-first approach: From the time you hire us to do your PPC campaign till the time we deliver results, every step of the way, we go out of our way to ensure that you, as our customer comes first. Everything else is less important to us than you, and that is why we ensure that you are fully satisfied at the end of it all. Our customer-first approach makes us take the time and put in the effort to draw up Google Ads for lawyers campaign that is personalised to suit your law firm.
  • Great communication: We have a friendly staff at Media Challengers and they go out of their way to make sure your communication needs are being met. From monthly reporting and analysis to your ability to let us know about anything pertaining to your contract with us anytime, is something you will certainly appreciate. When you hire a consultant/specialist, you will have a dedicated account manager to work with you who will be your one-stop communication with us.
  • Numbers all the time: We don’t just create ad copy for our lawyer clients; we show you the numbers of what we have achieved. Numbers don’t lie and that is the approach we like to take at Media Challengers. Our PPC for lawyers is aimed at achieving better conversions and leads for your business.

So if you are looking for an online marketing campaign setup and optimization for your law firm, Media Challengers should be the one you contact today!

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