Hire A Certified Google Ads Specialist


  1. Google Search campaign setup
  2. Google Display campaign setup
  3. Google Video/YouTube campaign setup
  4. Keywords research
  5. Ad group creation
  6. Ad title optimization
  7. Quality ad copy creation
  8. Keyword bid cost optimization
  9. Tracking CPC & CTR
  10. Managing keyword’s bids
  11. Conversion Tracking and optimization
  12. Landing page optimization
  13. PPC report generation
  14. Adword and analytic linking
  15. Analytic funnels tracking
  16. Setting up required Ad Extensions
  17. Call to Action Setup
  18. Setting up a remarketing campaign
  19. Setting up different Display Network Advertising for better branding
  20. Adding negative keywords to the account as required

Google Ads Specialist Case Study


Welcome to Media Challengers, the best Google Ads Specialist Service around! You have reached a proven Google Ads specialist that offers end-to-end service. We offer a complete service that comprises searching the right keywords to sharing reports on the keyword performance and everything in between. By associating with us, you make every penny spent on Google Ads count and let it work towards improving your conversion rate.

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What you will gain?

The biggest pain point of the businesses that use Google Ads is that they don’t know what happened to the money invested in this tool. It is because they don’t have a trusted, certified Google Ads Specialist by their side. By associating with us, you can be sure of achieving:

  1. Improved click-through rates
  2. Better quality search traffic
  3. Reduced bounce rate
  4. Improved sales
  5. Enhanced quality scores
  6. Improved customer retention
  7. Complete monthly reports and analysis

Our Google Ads specialist can get you traffic that does not visit only, but converts too! By working with an aim to generate sales from online traffic, we have helped businesses achieve 10x more response and revenues from the online Google Ads campaign.

Our Specialty

By offering campaigns that complement the business needs of our clients perfectly, we have helped our clients achieve more conversions, leads, and responses than ever. The key to this success lies in

  1. Focused approach in keyword research
  2. Knowledge of long tail and negative keywords
  3. Result-oriented Google Ads Marketing Plans
  4. Knowledge of local SEO and email marketing
  5. In-depth analytics and research knowledge
  6. Auditing of clients’ Google Ads Account
  7. Redesigning of existing and new campaigns
  8. Maximizing returns from Ads Budget

It takes a complete understanding of Google Ads Account and Google Analytics to empower businesses with a highly yielding promotional plan. We employ our experience and prior achievements to find out the working factors and implement them in the Ads campaigns, which has helped us deliver the results that businesses yearn for.

How to tie an emotional bond with the ads readers and capitalize it for better sales figures is every business’s concern. It can be addressed well when the correct strategy for Google Ads, PPC Ads and digital marketing on the whole is selected and implemented. This is precisely what the specialists at Media Challengers do.

By using A/B testing methods, keyword utilization, creating ad copies with clear USPs and CTAs, our Google Ads specialist designs campaigns that deliver positive results. When you aim to increase your visibility by 10x and become visible as a reliable option to your audience, you need to work on making Google Ads campaign a success. Whether it is an increase in footfall to the shop, or selling products nationally, we have the ads campaigns that are focused on achieving diverse objectives.

Best Google Ads Campaign Specialist

Get the campaigns designed by specialists instead of doing it on your own and wasting money. What sets a successful campaign apart from a failed one is the involvement of a Google Ads Campaign Specialist who can take up complete responsibility and leave you the job of counting profits only. We employ our in-house team of Google Ads Campaign Specialists and assign them the accounts so that you get a dedicated person to bank upon.

Our specialists utilize keyword research, location targeting, long-tail keywords targeting, etc. to yield you visible results. Not only this, the results will be analyzed deeply to understand the audience and strategize further moves. So, our specialists stand by your side throughout the campaign and afterwards too, and help you extract the maximum output from the ad spend.

Knowledge of Google Analytics and its linking with Google Ads help our campaign specialists provide you a complete assessment of the ads’ performance. Crucial decisions like choice of landing page for targeting, selection of locations for targeting and keyword selection become easier with insights provided by our Google Ads campaign specialist.

So, when you need to design or redo a campaign and want to enjoy complete control over the account while doing so, you can partner with our campaign specialist and make the best of Google Ads budget.

Top Google Ads specialist for hire

We give utmost importance to client’s success in the online space and work hard to design campaigns that click. Our Google Ads Specialist for hire helps you with

  1. Management of all aspects of Google Ads campaign
  2. Analysis and optimization of ads campaigns to enhance ROI
  3. Analysis and optimization of PPC campaigns for better ROI
  4. Devising PPC strategies to boost online visibility
  5. Development of a variety of campaigns using Google Ads

What should be the correct approach for maximizing the benefits from Google Ads? Why does keyword choice need reconsideration? How to get the audience for a specific landing page, product categories or a special service? If all these questions hover over your mind usually, then it is the time to reach our Google Ads specialist for hire.

Our specialists assist you make ad copies that highlight your strengths while hitting the emotional chord of the audience. They create, manage and update ad copies so that the brand’s message reaches the audience and gains right traction.

Google Ads Specialist for Hire from Media Challengers keep themselves updated about the latest trends and help you spread uniform messages across all touchpoints. For this, we offer services such as:

  1. Search Engine Ads: Connect with the audience that is looking for precisely the product or service you offer with search engine ads designed by our Google Ads specialist for hire.
  2. Ads on Mobile: Launch effective mobile Google Ads campaign and be ready to receive calls and enquiries in phenomenal numbers
  3. Desktop Ads: Desktop is a medium worth tapping despite the fact that the world seems grappled by the mobile mania. Tap the desktop audience with Google Ads specialist and see a positive change in the number of leads.
  4. YouTube Ads: Be visible on the grandest video platform and give boost to your brand’s visibility and earn more leads than ever
  5. Call Only Ads: We are experts in Call Only Ads that help you tap the potential of mobile searches. A big leap in number of calls and leads can be traced back to our Call Only Ads campaign, which can put your offering high among the customer preferences.
  6. Remarketing Ads: Stay in the minds of prospective consumers by earning loads of ad impressions and achieve appreciable growth of brand by being where the consumers are with remarketing ads plan

Certified Google Ads Specialist – your best bet for online success

Do you know why a certified Google Ads Specialist is needed? Well, the reasons are many. They can walk you through the campaign designing process and share in advance what they aim to achieve from the campaign. They take responsibility for keyword research, campaign audit and campaign re-designing, etc. to provide you with the complete intelligence needed for cracking the code of attaining online success. In the absence of a Google Ads specialist, businesses usually drain out their marketing budget and fail to achieve any considerable value from the ad spend.

We are a team of Certified Google Ads specialists who can be relied upon for the best results from Ads campaigns. Our focus is always on staying updated about the latest trends in Google Ads campaign and implementing them for better results.


All our Google Ads Specialists have been recognized by Google as certified Google Ads specialists as we have trained ourselves to perfection and earned the recognition by taking relevant tests. Our specialists complete the training first, apply the knowledge in campaigns and measure results to find the effectiveness of their strategies. Their expertise helps them launch and manage the Ads campaign like a pro.

Apart from designing the Google Ads campaign, the specialists keep a close eye on the performance and measure results too. They also perform all regular management activities leaving you with more time in hand for strategic planning.

You can reach our Certified Google Ads Specialist for

  1. Search Campaigns
  2. Pmax Campaigns
  3. Google Shopping Campaigns
  4. Call only Campaigns
  5. Lead generation Campaigns
  6. Display Ads Campaign
  7. YouTube Ads campaign
  8. Campaign for landing pages
  9. Campaigns for product categories, and so on.

Share with us your Google Ads-related concerns and we show you how to implement the digital marketing strategies to maximize the benefits from this tool.

Hire Google ads specialist and enhance your profit margins

The traffic that simply visits the site and does not take any action is of no use. Investing in Google Ads campaign is done with an aim to boost the bottom line. It requires complete auditing of the product categories and landing pages first for plugging all loopholes, and then a sound marketing strategy that can connect these assets to the genuinely interested buyers. To get the complete support for all activities involved, you can hire Google Ads Specialist from Media Challengers who are known for providing end-to-end services.

Hiring the Google Ads Specialist from us comes with advantages like:

  1. Dedicated Ads Manager
  2. Experienced digital marketers
  3. Expertise in all types of Ads campaigns
  4. Knowledge of landing page audit
  5. Expertise in creation, management and updating of ad copies
  6. Designing different campaigns for maximum use of budget
  7. Timely analysis of campaigns to find areas of improvement
  8. Re-designing campaigns with new keywords for better reach

When you hire Google Ads Specialist from our team, you get for yourself a reliable solution provider who works round the clock to maximize ROI from the ad campaign. You may have an off day at work, but the specialists here are always working and striving hard to make campaigns a success.

How to hire the Google Ads Specialist

The process is very simple. You can start by taking a look at the portfolio served by us or read case studies to find how our services made a difference to the clients. We have designed different packages to meet the varying requirements of the clients. You can compare the packages and services offered and pick the one after completing free consultation with our specialist. Once agreed upon, our specialist starts immediately on the campaign designing and provides you complete support for making Ads campaign a roaring success. In a nutshell, the process includes:

  •       Meeting the Ads expert for consultation
  •       Picking the plan as suggested
  •       And, put the expert to work!

You can select the per hour plan or flat rate plan as per your convenience. We have both types of service plans to offer you and are committed to deliver you excellent results always! So, don’t wait any further, hire a Google Ads Specialist here and pave your way to becoming the next big thing in the online space.

Reach us for a Certified Google AdWords specialist

Your search for a Certified Google AdWords Specialist ends at Media Challengers! Our digital marketing experts are certified Google Partners and are well-versed with all strategies that yield desirable results. We not only serve the clients, but also offer training modules to interested clients. Our experts help the clients who want to learn Google Ads and get complete control over their accounts.

Our aim is to make the Google Ads service completely hassle-free. That is why, we work in no-contract style and work in good faith by offering complete service month to month.

Whether you are a milk delivery service, a furniture shop, an electrician, or a pizza giant, our certified Google AdWords specialist has the result-oriented Google Ads plans designed for you. Our association with all types of businesses has been full of success stories and has helped us cultivate valuable experience that made us confident of our strategies.

We are always eager and happy to serve you! Let’s start a long-lasting relationship by teaming together and give a kickstart to it by meeting over a cup of coffee. You can email us, call us or fill the online form to show interest in our service. And we will take things further from there and show you how AdWords performance can be improved and made to generate more leads.