Google / Facebook / Bing Remarketing Campaign Setup


  • Set up of google banner ads
  • Set up tracking
  • Audience research
  • Extensive keyword research
  • Research on topics and right placements to find your most ideal audience
  • Advanced bid optimization
  • Reports and suggestions
  • Optimization and management of campaign every day
  • Device optimization
  • Demographics and location optimization
  • Drive relevant clicks to the landing page


Google / Bing / Facebook Remarketing Service

Bringing back visitors to complete the sales process made easy with Media Challengers Google Bing Facebook Remarketing Campaign Setup Service.

Our service is designed to help you retarget visitors who showed the slightest sign of interest in the past, and convert them into loyal customers.

Complete Remarketing Service that covers Google, Facebook and Bing

Google, Facebook and Bing have risen to be the top venues for searching for products and services online. Understandably, these have become cluttered with lots of visitors. Cutting the clutter to reach prospective customers becomes easier with a remarketing specialist.

Best Google Remarketing Specialist

Media Challengers hires the most proven Google Remarketing Specialist team that can turn audience’s interest in your favor. Expert in applying time-forward remarketing strategies, our team helps you with all crucial activities needed to become a Google sensation. Our experts provide

Custom Remarketing campaign for Google Ads

Remarketing Campaign for Google Ads is a vast process. Our experts understand the complications behind cracking the Google Ads algorithm and help you have a smoothened path to success. We help you achieve successful remarketing campaign Google Ads with:

Relevant Ad type selection: Picking the ad type that is in your budget and conforming to your marketing plans is a decision that requires an intelligent approach. Our Google Remarketing Specialist helps you try your best to convert an opportunity slipping by into an instance of purchase.

Frequency and duration optimization: Knock the customers’ minds on repeat to help them make buying decisions in your favor. A timely nudge to come and complete the purchase requires your staying around. As per the level of persuasion required, the Media Challengers Google Remarketing Specialist can optimize the frequency and duration of ads.

Optimizing and monitoring the ad performance: No SEO technique looks complex when our Google Remarketing Specialist implements it! The attention of the audience is what you strive for and it is precisely what the remarketing specialist grabs for you and in handsome numbers. By designing the ad campaign based on in-depth target audience research, our experts help you create a deeper association that means profit for both parties.

Google Ads and Microsoft Ads Remarketing Specialization helps us put you ahead of competitors; partner with us for phenomenal online success!

Trusted Bing Remarketing Specialist

Ease of use and best results are available at Bing Ads; all you need is an eye that recognizes for you that hidden potential.

Retargeting objectives are different and may not require making the same plans as needed for more popular search engines. Bing proves to be an underdog when it comes to attracting an audience; less competition makes it easier to (re)reach the customers and make them change their minds.

Media Challengers Bing Remarketing Specialist can make your second attempt a bigger success with end-to-end Setup and Optimization Support. We excel in

  1. Remarketing Setup for Bing: Our experts know how to make the best use of Bing’s improved UET (Universal Event Tracking) and can utilize its pluses for designing the remarketing campaign based on customers’ specific past behaviors.
  2. In-depth monitoring: We extensively monitor all past behaviors by tracking – page viewed per visit, app installations, subscriptions, product views, destination URLs, page visit duration, CTA clicks, etc. Also, time and location of the visitors are also tracked to design a geo-specific remarketing campaign setup.
  3. Multi-channel Bing Remarketing: Bing Remarketing Specialist specializes in social media ad campaigns, Bing Shopping Campaigns, eCommerce Remarketing to offer you a 360-degree coverage of all touchpoints.


Proven Facebook Remarketing Specialist

Reach audiences who’ve had an interaction with you in the past with Facebook Remarketing Service

Media Challengers can make Facebook Remarketing a cakewalk for your business. Our suite of Facebook Remarketing Services comprises:

  1. Improve audience reach: Was the first interaction just okay? No problem! Make the second one the everlasting association with our custom audience segmentation and targeted ads strategy.
  2. Dynamic ads creation: Our expertise lies in personalized Facebook retargeting ads. The dynamic ads show the past visitor again the things of their specific interest that emerged from their past behavior
  3. Engagement tracking: Let us do the people search for you! Best retargeting happens when you know who to reach for rekindling the lost warmth. List formatting, Facebook pixel installation, ad type selection are some of the engagement boosters that make tracking-generated tasks quick and easier to perform.

And it does not stop here! Our Facebook Remarketing Specialist performs the Facebook measurement task from time to time to gauge the success, failures and future possibilities too!

You deserve nothing less than the best support for Google, Facebook, and Bing Remarketing Activities. Reach our experts, share with us your goals, and see how we turn all your retargeting ideas into reality!

Top FAQs

Q.1: Why is retargeting needed?

A.1: Retargeting is a second attempt at bringing the visitor to the website or application for deeper engagement. It works marvels when the prospective customers have ample interest in the product or service but could not complete the purchase process due to any said reason. Retargeting helps convert almost lost opportunity to a long-lasting relationship with the customers.

Q.2: How does Facebook remarketing specialist help?

A.2: A proven Facebook remarketing specialist can provide support for Facebook retargeting ads for dynamic ads creation that complements customer behavior and expectations. The other services include Facebook Pixel installation, audience segmentation, Facebook measurement and campaign setup and optimization.

Q.3: Is Bing remarketing really helpful?

A.3: Yes, Bing is a less competitive space in terms of popularity and number than Google. Thus, the chances of appearing higher in Bing Ads, that too, at lower budget, are higher than that appearing in Google Ads.

Q.4: Why does my business need Google Ads Remarketing?

A.4: Your business can hope to increase more numbers by using the services of Google Ads Remarketing specialist. By bringing back the customers from the past interaction to see or buy products again helps capitalize the almost lost opportunity. The conversion of leads generated from a past interaction is anytime easier and thus, it proves to be a cost-efficient way of increasing numbers. Remarketing allows to rectify the past mistakes, too, and helps come up with more effective, personalized and dynamic campaign.