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Keyword research services


Hire a Keyword Research Specialist for PPC and SEO Campaign

The keyword is one of the most promising tools that digital marketers use to benefit their clients. It is needed to boost the online presence and to make the best use of the Google Ads Budget. Your paid advertising budget can get drained out, leaving you in the lurch, if your keyword research is not up to the mark.

A sizeable budget is allotted to digital marketing given the importance the online presence of businesses holds in current times. A keyword research specialist can help you convert every penny spent in PPC/SEO into revenue.

At Media Challengers, keyword research specialists with proven track record are available to hire. Our specialists know in and out of PPC/SEO and keep a close eye on all recent and upcoming updates on the PPC campaign requirements and strategies. Thus, your PPC campaign works precisely the way it should when you entrust the task to the expert of keyword research for PPC associated with us.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the backbone of a successful PPC/SEO Campaign. It takes an acumen in both the consumer behavior and search engine algorithm to arrive upon a PPC Keyword collection that truly works. The PPC Keyword Research is an art of choosing the keywords to bid that helps bag bigger profits via the keyword choice that assures clicks and conversions ultimately.

How to do Keyword Research?

The correct Keyword Research strategy begins with developing an understanding of user intent. Google gives priority to only those web pages on the front page or ranks those pages higher that have the content with keywords completely aligned to the user intent. Our PPC keyword research specialists understand this completely and create and implement the strategy tailored to business needs. Here are a few steps followed by the experts in Keyword research for PPC and SEO.

Creating a Mind Map

A Mind Map helps visualize and organize the keywords that are centered on your business. Creating a mind map involves processes, such as:

  1. Creating an uninfluenced mind map requires researching from the scratch. An in-depth analysis of content is the first step towards building a mind map. Our expert on Google ads Keyword research analyses and audits the content on the site and offers a keyword pool that is the most relevant to your business.
  2. Matching it with the competitor analysis to understand the reason behind the success of any keyword. It also includes finding new keywords that are setting the new trends.
  3. Analysis of current visibility of the website: How keywords are or are not contributing to the website’s current visibility is an important part of PPC keyword research. It helps filter out those keywords that may not be helpful in benefitting from PPC plan.

Having done the mind map part, the next step is to analyze the keyword metrics.

Keyword metrics monitored by our PPC keyword research specialist

Choosing the correct set of keywords that stay relevant and yielding for long enough requires analyzing keyword metrics.

The metrics primarily followed in keyword research are monthly search volume. High monthly search volume means better chances of gaining traffic for the website.

The ranking difficulty for any keyword is another important metric. It tells how difficult will it be for any keyword to rank.

Estimated Click and Return Rate are two important figures covered in SEO / PPC Keyword research. While the first tells about the effectiveness of the keyword set, the other tells about the contribution it can make to improve the conversion ratio. Return rate means keywords being used repeatedly by the customers to reach your business. Thus, it is quite important to ascertain the keyword research’s success.

After keyword metrics, our experts on keyword research for SEO / PPC move on to keyword pool creation.

Keyword pool or list

Keyword pool creation comprises the list of keywords currently in use and filtering them down to the ones useful for the PPC campaign. Not only this, any keyword to be used in future is also included in this pool. It allows having the right collection in hand to implement both long and short term strategies.

Allocating the Keyword List to the website structure

The Keyword list allocation to the website is the actual implementation part. It involves creating list of website’s architectural components to fit in the chosen keywords. Our PPC keyword research expert picks the website’s components, which are new pages, existing pages, new blog posts, existing blog posts. The idea is to make the site competent on all aspects to win the PPC competition game and be visible on the SERPs’ first pages.

The PPC Keyword Research service need not make a hole in your pocket. Reach Media Challengers for the most affordable keyword research for PPC service and add more numbers to your bottom-line.

PPC Keyword Research FAQs

Q.1 Why PPC campaign needs a Keyword Research Specialist?

A.1: PPC campaign is a paid advertising tool. Thus, the website owners have to be very discrete with the utilization of the budget allocated for the same. A Keyword Research Specialist helps scoop out maximum profit off the investment made on the PPC campaign.

Q.2: How does PPC Keyword Research Service help in the Keyword List maintenance?

A.2: A successful PPC campaign requires constant monitoring of metrics and addition/deletion/modifications in the keyword list accordingly. The process requires trusting the task to a dedicated resource. It is where our PPC keyword research expert proves the worth and does all the monitoring work for you.

Q.3: How can PPC Keyword Research expert help in business planning?

A.3: You may not be well-conversant with the idea of ‘how to do PPC keyword research?’ Also, it is certainly not your job as you have other important strategic jobs to attend to.  The specialist in keyword research for PPC allows you to have better online presence. With clear picture of the business’s current situation in hand, the business owners can chalk out future plans with added awareness.

Q.4: What processes are covered in  SEO / PPC Keyword Research Analysis?

A.4: The SEO / PPC Keyword Research Analysis is a detailed process that comprises identifying the most relevant and best-performing keywords. It also involves keyword geo-targeting strategy planning, competitor analysis, identification of the product and brand-specific keywords, and analysis of CTA and comparison keywords.