Google Analytics Setup and Implementation Consultant / Freelancer



  1. Account setup
  2. Page tagging
  3. User setup
  4. Profile creation
  5. Goal & funnel setup
  6. Filter implementation
  7. Site search tracking
  8. Advanced segmentation setup
  9. Campaign tagging
  10. Report scheduling
  11. Custom report building
  12. Google tag manager setup
    Advance Analytics setup ( USD99 Extra)
  13. Subdomain and Cross-domain Tracking
  14. Tracking two or more subdomains within a single property
  15. Tracking two or more separate domains within a single property
  16. Exclude internal traffic
  17. Exclude traffic to development servers
  18. Three views for each property (• Raw/unfiltered • Test • Working)
  19. Intelligence Alerts and Dashboards
  20. Monthly dashboard delivery
  21. Google Webmaster Tools linking
  22. Google Adwords linking
  23. Ecommerce tracking

    NOTE: Please contact us with your requirements before placing an order.

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Additional information

Certification & Expertise

1. Google Ads ( Search, Video, Display, Shopping) campaign setup and optimization
2. Bing/Yahoo Ads ( Search, Video, Display) campaign setup and optimization
3. Google Analytics Goal, Event, E-commerce Tracking Setup
4. Google Tag Manager installation and customization
5. Google Merchant center Help/ Fix product issues / Fix Account issues
6. Google Guaranteed ads/ Local Business Ads setup and optimization
7. Facebook Ads and Pixel Events Conversion Tracking
8. Instagram Ads setup and optimization
9. Various platform conversion tracking setup
10. Custom/ Branded reporting
11. Leads/Phone call campaign setup and optimization
12. WooCommerce Ecommerce Tracking setup
13. Shopify Ecommerce Tracking setup
14. Unbounce Tracking setup
15. Google Ads Conversion Tracking and Event Setup
16. Approval of Google Merchant Suspension Misrepresentation
17. Google Ads Re-marketing Custom List Generation and Setup
18. Bing Ad Conversion Tracking
19. In-depth Keyword Research Expert
20. On Page SEO Specialist
21. ClickFunnel Tracking setup
22. Unbounce Tracking setup
23. LeadForm Tracking Setup