Hire Google Ads Expert

  1. Google Search campaign setup
  2. Google Display campaign setup
  3. Google Video/YouTube campaign setup
  4. Keywords research
  5. Ad group creation
  6. Ad title optimization
  7. Quality ad copy creation
  8. Keyword bid cost optimization
  9. Tracking CPC & CTR
  10. Managing keyword’s bids
  11. Conversion Tracking and optimization
  12. Landing page optimization
  13. PPC report generation
  14. Adword and analytic linking
  15. Analytic funnels tracking
  16. Setting up required Ad Extensions
  17. Call to Action Setup
  18. Setting up a remarketing campaign
  19. Setting up different Display Network Advertising for better branding
  20. Adding negative keywords to the account as required

Google Ads Expert Case Study

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Team with the best Google Ad Experts for 10x more conversion / leads

 Do you know according to Google Economic Impact Report, businesses earn about $3 in revenue for every $1.6 they spend on Google Ads. The Google Ads is a product from Google which can be used to promote business online. Companies can increase their visitors by up to 10x when they have used Google Ads correctly. This assurance in results can be obtained by hiring Google Ads Experts who can help businesses raise awareness among the audience, and get a substantial increase in visitors’ count.


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The focus is not only on increasing the visitor base, but to have quality traffic that brings revenue to the business too.

Google Ads’ working is based on the auction system. The system comes into function as soon as a keyword search is made by a user. The bidder who wins the auction enjoys a higher position in the SERPs.

How is the winner of the auction determined? Well, it is based on two factors – quality score and maximum bid. To determine the winner, both factors are multiplied and the higher scorer is awarded a higher position in the search result slots. If all this seems too overwhelming, you can take help of Google Ads Experts from Media Challengers who are thorough with the working of Google Ads. They can suggest the best strategies to improve quality score so that the bid requirement does not go insanely high.

Hire Google Ads Expert and gain more clicks

The position on the SERPs determine if you are going to get more clicks or less. According to a report by PPC Protect, the top three paid advertisers receive more than 45% of all clicks. Thus, vying for these positions is worth the effort and money. When you hire Google Ads Expert, you can get all the strategies and tactics which can be applied to get a position among the top three paid search results.

The Google Ads expert carry out the following activities for you:

  1.     Set up Account: The online sites should organize the products and services category-wise. The campaign is directed at a general product category, which is further divided into product groups for more specific targeting. For example,

Campaign: Photography Service

Ad group 1: Portraits

Ad group 2: Family Photographs

Ad Group 3: Commercial shoots

  1.    Setting the budget: The Google Ads Expert can suggest what the ideal budget for the campaign will be. Also, he guides how the budget can be spent on a keyword and gets the results from it.
  2.     Keyword research: You can hire Google Ads Experts to get a specialist’s advice on keywords. The expert can tell the advantages of choosing the correct keywords, of using negative keywords in the campaign and can get the list of long-tail keywords to be used for targeting.
  3.     Set the match type for keywords: The match type can be broad match, phrase match, broad match with modifier, exact match and negative match. It helps make the best use of the budget on keyword selection that works for your business.
  4.     Optimizing the landing page: The Google Ads expert with the help of SEO team can optimize the landing page with an aim to enhance the conversion rate.
  5.    Creation and management of ad copies: When you need an ad copy that clicks to the audience, you can hire a Google ads expert who is a specialist in creation, updation and management of the ad copies.
  6.     Running of ads tests and monitoring performance: The Google Ads expert can run ads tests and monitor the ads performance. It helps create campaigns which the audience finds appealing and responds to it positively.
  7.  Get important details with Google Analytics: Businesses can know better about the ads performance when the Google Ads expert connects their account to Google Analytics. Important metrics like CTR or click-through rate, bounce rate, ROI, etc. can help determine the success or shortcomings of the campaign.

So, take your business figures a notch higher with Google Ads Experts! Associate with them now for enhancing your conversion rate and maximizing the profits from ads campaigns.

 Reach us for Google Ads Expert Freelancer

 If you are looking for Google Ads Expert Freelancer who has high ratings at marketplaces like Upwork and others, you can end your search at Media Challengers.

Our Google Ads Expert Freelancer team has a prolific portfolio of successful clients. It speaks of their efficiency in designing the ads campaign and making these the ultimate tool for gaining traction in the online world. Our experts have served both service providers and product sellers. Their portfolio comprises e-commerce ventures, logistics solutions provider, online grocery, digital marketing company, restaurants, photography and video shooting service providers and many more.

The Google Ads Expert Freelancer team of Media Challengers is quite experienced and fully trained. They are recognized professionals who are certified by Google and have taken complete training to empower the businesses with advantages of Google Ads.

You can pick the expert freelancers available here at hourly rates or flat rate basis. Our no-contract system offers you immense flexibility and allows you to have complete control over your account. You can leave the service as and when you want, no questions asked! However, it is not going to happen because of the loads of advantages and happy moments you are going to enjoy by associating with us. We work towards creating new milestones for you and help you achieve more growth year on year basis, even at a limited budget!

Want to become a Google Ads Expert Freelancer? We provide the solution for the same too. Our experts can be approached for getting training on how to use Google Ads. The training module is designed by the industry experts and contains everything needed to become a professional freelancer. Our experts can help you with the certification courses and prepare you for the test which Google gives for checking the proficiency and certifying the professionals. Thus, with a stamp of trust and quality from Google, you can enter the marketplace with confidence and create an income opportunity for yourself.

Top Google Ads Expert for end-to-end service

Though Google Ads claims to be a platform for all, not everyone tastes success here. The businesses can get the cutting edge in their campaign by taking services of a professional Google Ads Expert. A top Google Ads Expert works on various fronts to help the businesses improve their numbers with a promising ad campaign.

The top Google Ads Expert works towards improving the quality score, which is a crucial differentiating factor for the success in digital advertising campaigns. He provides the most compelling ad copies, tests them for performance and also tracks the overall performance of the campaign.

In case any change is required, the professional Google Ads Expert highlights the areas where improvement is required and helps the businesses take correct actions for success. Which keywords to change or modify, deciding the ideal length of the campaign, the accessibility of ads on mobile phones, etc. are some of the essential steps that Google Ads Expert advises the business clients and shows the way to implement them successfully.

Our Google Ads Specialist are proficient in services like PPC which they have improved further with the help of AI. By using AI to automate the marketing process, we have been able to plug loopholes like inaccurate targeting, and faulty bid prediction. Our AI tools give us the best support for automatic bid adjustment and with predictive analysis, we get a fair idea of upcoming marketing trends. With such valuable information in hand, we have been able to let businesses achieve better utilization of ads budget and achieve better RoAS figures.

So, don’t look any further and meet our Google Ads Expert today. Together we can tailor campaigns that stand apart and deliver the desirable results too!

Certified Google Ads Expert Team for Successful Campaigns

We value your trust the most and so assign you only Certified Google Ads Expert. Our Google Ads Experts are recognized by Google and have learned all time-forward techniques to make successful campaigns. The campaigns we design are fully research-backed.

By teaming with our Certified Google Ads Expert, you get to enjoy services like:

  1.     In-depth market research: Our experts carry out the extensive market research first. Based on findings, they design the best-suited plan of action and implement it to help you gain an edge over the competition. By keeping with the prevailing trends, our experts help you have ads campaigns that are effortlessly relatable and are the true voice of your brand philosophy.
  2.     Result-driven campaigns: We don’t stop at earning clicks for you. Our aim is to see you achieve more conversions. We strategize the ads delivery, campaign design and keyword selection and test the plan thoroughly to give you a campaign that is sure to boost your numbers.
  3.     Ad copy management: Our experts make every word count and make it work towards your becoming an online success. They get the desired results by highlighting USP, designing messages that touch the emotional chord of the consumers and make the best use of the ad space. With ad content that influences the target copies positively, you can be confident of achieving mammoth online success.
  4.     Dedicated Ads Manager: All our clients are treated like kings and are assigned a dedicated Certified Google Ads Expert. Your satisfaction is paramount to us and so we take every step to make your campaign a stupendous success. Our ads manager stands by you at every stage and provides you with a detailed report of the work and the impacts achieved. Our one-to-one approach for providing service helps pay full attention to the business needs and make clients achieve more visits, higher conversions and ultimately higher sales.

Why our Google Ads Expert are important for your business

Google Ads Expert from Media Challengers help you have a clear idea of a very important information, which is customer intent. The businesses offering a specific service can connect with the right audience by understanding the specific intent with which the keyword searches are made.

By appearing in the slots higher than organic searches, the businesses can increase the conversion rate by about 50%. Such an important figure should not be taken lightly. By having a Google Ads consultant, you can maximize the profits from a specific budget. Increase in leads, queries, and ultimately sales, are the actual determiners of the Ads campaign success and it can be achieved when you entrust the job to a certified professional. Media Challengers offers you Google Ads Expert with a proven track record and offers you the complete support you need to make the best use of the wonderful platform that Google Ads is.

Pay-per-click model is one of our specialties and has enabled us to help businesses keep the advertising cost within budget. You, as our business client, are most likely to see a desirable surge in results in terms of clicks, leads, queries, footfalls and sales, as we take every metric into consideration while designing the Google Ads campaign.

To become an online success, not only do you need to understand what clicks, but also you require understanding why the bounces take place. By auditing the landing page, keyword selection and ad copy testing, we help reduce the bounce rate which eats up a lot of advertising budget.

So, take one step closer to becoming a raging phenomenon among your audience and team with the best Google Ads expert in the market. It will surely help your business move ahead of the competition and grab the figures you work hard for.

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