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Best Google Shopping Ads Consultant

Google is not just a search engine, it is a phenomenon! Every business strives to be at the top of SERPs and fights tooth and nail for higher rankings. The unprecedented reach of Google justifies the efforts businesses put to be visible on the first page. That is why, businesses hire Google Shopping Ads Expert who can milk this opportunity for you to stay at the top of search results.

Google Shopping Ads have made customers smart shoppers. More than 75% of the shopping decisions kick start from exploring the product images appearing on the Google Shopping Ads space. Make the best of this ad space with Google Shopping Campaign Specialist.

What our Google Shopping Ads Expert does

Media Challengers offers the best Google shopping campaign setup and optimization service. Our Google Ads specialist can be your best bet to win this war for seeking attention of the online shoppers.

Our Google Shopping Ads Expert offers services that include

a. Smart shopping campaign  setup and optimization

It takes the mind of an intelligent shopper to design a campaign that meets customer expectations. The Google Shopping Ads Expert studies the user intent for you and serves the structure of the ad that satisfies the shoppers’ queries. Based on the user intent knowledge, the smart shopping campaign optimization ideas are formulated.

b. Keyword research and content optimization

“Will it be Nike shoes for women or Sports shoes for Women?” The two search phrases deliver different search results. Also, you are most likely to lose focus from your target customers if you optimize your content on generic search phrases like Sports shoes for Women. This dilemma is solved by our Google Shopping Ads Expert who does the keyword research for you and helps optimize ad content to reach the correct audience.

The aim of our Google Shopping Campaign Specialist is not to achieve clicks merely, but to achieve clicks that convert too!

c. Bid Management

Once you understand completely the objectives of your smart shopping campaign optimization, our shopping ads expert helps you achieve a result-oriented yet cost-effective ads campaign.

A lot of homework goes into designing the bid structure. Our Google Shopping Ads Expert prepares a complete SKU list and segregates it into different ads groups based on price. The more targeted the bid structure is, more likely the success of the campaign. Based on this philosophy, our Google shopping ads consultant adopts more granular approach for the top-selling and high-priced product groups. The consultant can help you understand demerits of blanket bids too.

Other strategic moves that spell success in smart shopping campaign optimization are:

d. Feed optimization

Don’t just export the whole product list on to the Google Shopping Ads Account Setup. It can cause more pain than gains! Our Google Shopping Ads Consultant helps ensure that feed is filled with unique and best-selling products. We help you avoid duplicate listing and stay on the good books of Google by giving the reps an intelligently segregated product list to scour.

e. Product title and description optimization

Correct products and your products appearing on the target keywords is the backbone of a successful Google Shopping Ads Campaign. Our smart shopping campaign optimization expert has mastered product title and description optimization and makes every word instrumental in campaign’s success.

f. Testing pricing and creative treatments

Serve messages that bring users’ attention to product as well as its price. It helps quicken the shopping decisions. The shoppers’ attention is very short-timed and you have to create instant magic to live with that! Our Google Shopping Ads Expert does all testing of message clarity, pricing comparisons, etc. in advance and keeps reinventing the ideas as per the response garnered.

g. Account and Bid Structuring

Smart structuring of Google Ads Account helps you come forth clearly on your business objectives. By using techniques like SKU filtering where traffic is directed to top-selling products, we help you gain better traction.

Media Challengers Google Shopping Ads Consultant helps you structure your account and bidding campaign to appear most organized and focused on the business objectives.

By using the best testing strategies and constant monitoring, we help you leverage seasonal promotions, new offers and product pricing to achieve better numbers.

Trust Google Ads Campaign Optimization to Us for Best Results

Take the guesswork out of Google shopping ads campaign planning and enjoy better control by partnering with our Google Shopping Ads Expert. Every penny invested correctly in Google shopping ads is a loyal customer earned!

Reach us for the most affordable campaign setup and optimization plan and be the talk of the online world. Let’s meet over and put up a great show together at Google Shopping Ads.

We help you pick the best plans and implement ideas that work!

Top FAQs

Q.1: How does Google Shopping Ads Campaign Work?

A.1: Google Shopping Ads Campaign works on CPC or cost-per-click model. The ecommerce businesses pay only when a visitor clicks on the ad that directs them to a landing page. It is advisable to hire a Google Shopping Ads Expert to garner more meaningful and profitable clicks per campaign.

Q.2: What are the requirements for Google Shopping Ads?

A.2: Google requires businesses to send them up-to-date product data every 30 days. A dedicated hand like Google Shopping Ads Expert can help you stay updated on all requirements stated by Google and ensures timely compliance. You can consult in detail all requirements and ask for reports, too, to stay abreast of the campaign’s actionable.

Q.3: How does Google Shopping Ads Expert help drive engagement?

A.3: The task of Google Shopping Ads Expert is to make your product visible on the ad space on relevant keywords. Another responsibility is to make the ads catching enough to ensure that the customers feel driven towards the product to click the ad. By using pricing strategies, ad optimization techniques and creative ideas, the shopping ads expert can help drive engagement.

Q.4: What are the benefits of hiring Google Shopping Ads Expert?

A.4: The Google Shopping Ads Expert can help in product display strategy, SKU filtering as per the budget, bid management, pricing analysis, creative ad copy optimization and updation of product list as per the season and demand. There is a continuous work required for staying visible at Google Shopping Ads.  A professional can help you meet all requirements of Google and be more available to prospective buyers.