Hire A Google Ads Freelancer


  1. Google Search campaign setup
  2. Google Display campaign setup
  3. Google Video/YouTube campaign setup
  4. Keywords research
  5. Ad group creation
  6. Ad title optimization
  7. Quality ad copy creation
  8. Keyword bid cost optimization
  9. Tracking CPC & CTR
  10. Managing keyword’s bids
  11. Conversion Tracking and optimization
  12. Landing page optimization
  13. PPC report generation
  14. Adword and analytic linking
  15. Analytic funnels tracking
  16. Setting up required Ad Extensions
  17. Call to Action Setup
  18. Setting up a remarketing campaign
  19. Setting up different Display Network Advertising for better branding
  20. Adding negative keywords to the account as required

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Maximize Quality Traffic and Leads with Google Ads Freelancer

The main aim of using Google Ads is to get quality visitors for the website or application. If the businesses intend to make their website an additional sales point, then maximizing sales can also be added to the objectives of Google Ads. Achieving this requires in-depth study of browsing behavior of the prospective customers among other things. The Google Ads Freelancer works towards gaining maximum quality traffic and leads for the business client. At Media Challengers, we take pride in having the top Google Ads experts who have transformed the businesses into the market leaders and made them the next big thing in the online world.


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The work of our Google Ads Expert is completely measurable. As a client, you will always be in know of how the Google Ads budget is allotted and made to work in your favor. You will always have the grasp of metrics like RoAS, Sales Volumes, Number of leads etc. when associating with our Google Ads Freelancer. It can help you have the Google Ads campaign designed in the way that complements your business moves. Whether it is tapping the new market or expanding the reach in existing one, you will have all aces in hand to meet your objectives.

Our freelance Google Ads experts have a colorful portfolio to share. They have worked with the market leaders, newbies and all other types of businesses in between. We completely understand the budget constraints and give the best advice on how to spend it on Google Ads to achieve maximum gains. Moreover, we give a clear idea upfront on the keywords possible to target and chalk the ensuing roadmap for budget utilization so that you can plan your expenditure better and let each penny work towards achievement of marketing objectives. Our Google Ads experts, with years of experience and exposure to various business spheres, can be your best bet when you want to make digital marketing campaign an enviable success

How Freelance Google Ads Expert Works

 A freelance Google Ads Expert is responsible for the overall management of the ad copies. The expert creates the ad copies on the lines of brief given by the client so that these voice the brand philosophy clearly and meet the demands of online visibility too. Then, he tests the ad copies and includes changes, if required. The keyword research and their inclusion in ad copy, measurement of results and updation of ad copies based on the changes in keyword and customer expectations are some of the responsibilities of Google Ads specialists.

The far-reaching objective of Google Ads campaign is to help businesses add to their revenue. The Ads expert analyze and optimize the ads campaign to help the businesses earn better returns on investment (ROI). They design a variety of marketing campaigns possible to achieve with Google Ads and leverage its advantages to achieve the promotion objectives. Designing PPC strategies is one of the core activities that Google Ads managers do.

The Google Ads expert at Media Challengers can be assured of being a true team player. He takes inputs from clients and shares with fellow marketers and creative team to develop ad campaigns that speak to the clients. It is a proven fact that most of the searches about the products and services are done on devices. Thus, Ads designed are made fully responsive and deliver ultimate experience across the devices. Number of shares and views achieved, improved CTR (Click-through-rate) and enhanced RoAS are some of the objectives which Google Ads manager achieves with team work and personal involvement.

Freelance Google Ads specialist also monitors the ads performance closely. By using various marketing techniques, he maximizes the impact of ads and makes them instrumental in the success of promotional campaigns. The experts at Media Challengers don’t stop until they have achieved the marketing aims and provide the clients all-round support needed for gaining maximum traction from the campaign.

How to Hire Google Ads Freelancer

While hiring Google Ads specialist, it is essential to pay attention to some important aspects. We suggest you take into consideration the following points while selecting the Google Ads marketer so that you get excellent output from the money and efforts made:

  1. Pricing

Google Ads experts’ service should be available affordable prices. The businesses have pre-set budgets for advertising and promotions. Of the total budget, they need to assign a portion of it to online ad campaigns too; such is the importance of online marketing!

The average rate at which services are available is $120-$150 per hour. The Google Ads professionals may work at a flat rate as well. A 5-keyword campaign should not take more than three hours to set up. However, in a campaign where 100 keywords are to be targeted, the promotion experts need to devote considerable time. The service will include keyword research, ad creation, client meeting, etc.; thus, such project may require paying up to $450 per hour to the ad expert.

Management of account is another overhead involved in hiring the Google Ads service. At Media Challengers, you can find very reasonably priced Google Ads freelancers who provide complete service to the clients.

  1. Result

The success of Google ads campaign can be found out by the traffic volume, number of leads or sales generated. Though no ads expert can guarantee 100% result, there should be some measuring stick to follow to justify the price asked.

The professional Google Ads experts eye on the increase in conversion rate because this is the ultimate aim of the ad campaign and not the mere increase in traffic. So, take a look at how the ads campaign designed by the experts yielded profits to decide who to give the project.

  1. Clientele

The successful Google Ads managers work with clients who have good reputation in the market. They also work with starters who want to make it big in the online space with a sustainable approach. The clientele shows the scale at which the Google Ads campaigns were operated and managed. It throws light on the capabilities of the Google Ads Freelancer service provider. The happy clientele is indicative of the experts’ understanding of the Google Ads marketing strategies and shows the ability to effectively implement the same. So, you must take a look at the portfolio of the Google Ads service provider to reach an expert who can make good difference to your ad campaign.

The clientele of our Google Ads expert is who’s who of various business sectors. Our clients have different budgets, different revenue targets and target audiences. We take pride in making our clients the sustainable brands that meet Year-on-Year profit targets with our ad campaigns playing significant role in it. Thus, they have tailor-fit marketing plans which complement the businesses of different statures and those are fully customizable too.

Best Google Ads Freelancer For All Business Types

Nothing but the best Google Ads specialist is what you can expect at Media Challengers. Our experts are versatile in their working approach. They know that all business types have their specific target markets. The trends in those markets are always on the radar of the most seasoned Google Ads professionals.

Whether it is a footwear and apparel brand, or a legal consultancy and accounting firm, or an upcoming online grocery store, we have the tailored campaigns for all business types. Apart from the type of budget, we have worked with businesses at different phases of the business cycle. Thus, our ‘at scale’ services help us to provide the most suitable solutions for various business types and help them appear on the top of the search pages with proven online promotional strategies.

Right from the market leaders with big budget to new names testing the online space, our Google Ads experts work with all types of business entities. They bring the results with step-by-step application of strategy and help the businesses understand the impact of the ad campaign with discrete figures. Our freelancers in Google Ads are the best in the business as their clientele is a happy family of satisfied customers. They value the customer trust and take all possible care to maintain the relationship and nurture it with desirable results. It is because of the responsibility with which they work that the results are always praise-worthy.

Reach us for proven Google Ads Freelancer

We are reachable through all touch points and are always eager to serve. Let us help you navigate through the digital marketing space with Google Ads, PPC campaigns and other services that can yield the best results for you. Our experts are always ready to discuss and explain you the dos and don’ts of Google Ads so that you are on a safe and reliable route always.

So, what is stopping you from reaching our team of Google Ads freelancers? Take the first step now and reach us through phone, email or online form to pave your way to becoming an online success with our Google Ads service.