Optimizing Google ads Ad Copy for Higher Click-Through Rates (CTR)

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In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, advertisers need to overcome the short attention span of the target audience. They require creating Google ads ad copies that are compelling enough to get clicks from the users targeted. Thus, the key to success lies in designing messages that the audience relates with easily and feels driven to take action. It converts into high click-through rates of the Google ads ad copies. 

Achieving a better click-through rate is the starting point of a Google Ads campaign. It pays back the businesses who launch the campaign in many ways, such as more quality leads, better interaction levels, and eventually, the start of a long-lasting relationship. Thus, marketers should devise strategies for creating Google ads ad copies that stand unique among competitors’ messages and contribute to a better rate of click-throughs. How to achieve it? Let’s try to find out in this post.

Optimizing Google ads Ad Copy for Higher Click-Through Rates (CTR)

Understand the Google ads campaign target audience

Every business caters to a select audience. The audience can be categorized based on age, occupation, gender, income level, etc. By saying ‘understand the target audience’, it means that the advertisers must know about the problems that the end consumers face and search for solutions. Other things to know about the target audience are:

  1. The language the end users speak: Master the lingo common among the targeted users and weave ad copy in that lingo. It creates an impression that the business owner is one of the audience members and is worth developing an affinity with. The end users tend to interact more often and deeply with that business entity who is easy to understand and who understands them too. Thus, language overcomes the communication barriers, and so, is an important factor to consider while designing Google ads ad copies.
  1. Problems for which the users are seeking solutions: The audience of a business can comprise working professionals, homemakers, other businesses, and so on. They have unique problems. For instance, a working professional may need a transport solution that helps them reach offices on time, or a homemaker may need a solution that drops things of need at the doorsteps, or want a respite from the long billing queues at the shops or shopping malls. If the business has an offering that can solve a problem of the users, they must weave it in the ad copy message to grab the right attention.
  2. Preferences of the audience: Creating a compelling Google ads ad copy with a high click-through rate requires being familiar with the preferences of the targeted users. It enables the advertisers to include appropriate messages in the ad copy so that the end users click the ad and take appropriate action as well. 

Thus, by knowing the target audience completely, the advertisers design Google ads ad copies that instantly click to the audience and encourage them to spread the word about it. As a consequence, the advertisers can create the right buzz and cash it, too, in the favor of the businesses they are promoting.

Google ads target audience by media challengers

Talk about the Unique Selling Point clearly

The advertisers can make the prospective customers sit up and take notice when they talk about the USP of their business clients in the ad copy. The USP or unique selling proposition creates the need in the minds of consumers to have the product or service in question. Uniqueness can be added with messages like ‘the first of its kind’, the ‘no. 1 provider’, ‘Only for (number of days) or (people with certain need)’. Such phrases create a sense of compulsion to have the product in the mind of the consumer. The end users are most likely to give a positive response to the Google ads ad copy when it highlights the unique features. 

The selling points can be low price, exceptional quality, high convenience, benefits, and so on. These points should be mentioned in the ad copy compellingly. The buyers must have a reason in their mind why they should prefer the product over the competitors. So, the Google ads ad copies with emphasis on USP are found to have better click-through rates and better further response.

Talk about the Unique Selling Point clearly

Emphasize the value that the product offers

All products have their unique features. So, to become the best among the rest, the benefits of these features should be talked about instead of mentioning the features merely. Prospective buyers are more convinced when the Google ads ad copy tells how the product is going to solve their problems or benefit in some substantial manner. By giving a clear idea of the value that the product brings along, the advertisers can make the ad copy click-worthy. 

For instance, let’s take an example of a skin cream. Instead of just saying, ‘Rich in Aloe Vera’, the advertisers can say, ‘the best solution for dry skin’, or ‘the best cream for radiant skin’. Such a description tells clearly why the skin cream is better than the others and how it is going to benefit the user. This approach in designing Google ads ad copies reflects the seriousness of the mindset and the promoters elaborate aptly that the product is designed sincerely to solve a problem that the user has been facing for a long. 

Emphasize the value that the product offers

Make Google ads headlines that are unique and appealing

Headline is the biggest game changer for an ad copy creator. The headline should be very compelling yet concise. It should make very wise use of words and give a mental nudge to the readers. The headline that grabs the attention most easily is preferably in the form of a question. It must comprise some strong action to take. For instance, ‘Say no to sleepless nights Now!’, such headlines create a need in the mind of the reader. These compel the readers to take charge of their lives or to improve some problematic aspect of their lives by starting to use the product or service promoted in the Google ads ad copy. If the creators can tweak some targeted keywords in the headline, it can work well for achieving visibility as well. 

The attention of both the readers and the search engine crawlers is important to make it big in the online space. So, headlines should meet the criteria of search engine-friendliness in addition to user-friendliness. Sound SEO strategies should be applied while designing the headlines so that they appear at high ranks on the search pages. By incorporating keywords with which the query is made more often, the ads can score well in relevance and may appear in the search results often.

Example responsive search ads

Good example

This example follows the best practices for creating a responsive search ad.

Headlines and descriptionsPossible ad combinations
1. Store Name
2. Fashionable and Comfortable
3. Trendsetting Women’s Shoes
4. Buy Women’s Shoes Online Today
5. Free Shipping on All Orders
6. Top Brands at Great Prices
7. Official Store Name Website
8. {KeyWord:Awesome Women’s Shoes}
9. A Style for Every Occasion
10. Buy Cool Shoes With Confidence
11. Starting from as Low as $39
12. Save 15% on your First Order
1. Find all your favorite brands and the latest styles in one place. Don’t wait, order today!
2. Free shipping on orders over $50. Wide selection of stylish and comfortable shoes.
3. Shop Store Name’s wide variety of high quality women’s shoes at prices you’ll love. Buy now!
 Green checkmark, allowedAd combinations assembledExample combinations:

Bad example

This is an example of how not to create a responsive search ad and issues to avoid.


  • “Women’s Shoes” is in every headline – Avoid repeating the same text in every headline
  • Redundant text in headlines
  • Fewer than 5 headlines

How to fix:

  • Add more unique headlines
  • Break up your headlines into smaller units (for example: Latest Women’s Shoes at Store Name -> 1) Latest Women’s Shoes 2) Store Name
Headlines and descriptionsPossible ad combinations
1. Fashionable Women’s Shoes
2. Trendsetting Women’s Shoes
3. Latest Women’s Shoes at Store Name
4. Purchase Women’s Shoes Online
1. Find all your favorite brands and the latest styles in one place. Don’t wait, order today!
2. Shop Store Name’s wide variety of high quality women’s shoes at prices you’ll love. Buy now!
 No ad combinations assembledExample combinations considered and rejected:

Incorporate emotional in the triggers Google ads campaign

It is the emotion that sets a great ad copy apart from an average one. The ad copy must make an emotional appeal; it helps establish a deeper connection with the reader. By inducing emotions like curiosity, empathy, or simple plain FOMO, the ad copies can earn the user’s attention and generate action or response from them.

If you have come across the donation appeals, you will find them hitting your soul straight away. You feel it right to give back, extend a helping hand, or stand by the side of the needy when you read the messages like ‘your action can save one life today’. Such powerful messages convert a reader into an acting entity and even if the readers don’t donate right away, they may feel compelled to send it to their known ones or share it on social media. So, the motive behind the Google ads ad copy is met when it has struck the right emotional chord.

Use concise messages

The world of online consumers is cruelly fast. The users are busy scrolling through their feeds on their mobile phones. They cannot be expected to sit and read the whole line or paragraph within seconds. Thus, the ad copy has to deliver the message almost instantly. By keeping it to the point, the advertisers can make the best use of readers’ time. It can be done by editing the Google ads ad copy frequently to eliminate unnecessary words and phrases. By making each word count by applying brevity in thoughts, the ad copies can be made compelling and with a high click-through rate. The shorter, effective, and appealing messages fit the search result page slots, too, and meet the expectations of the search engines as well.

Include an appropriate call to action (CTA)

What do you expect from an ad copy? A response or action from the reader. So, help them take action immediately by offering them an appropriate ‘Call to Action’. Use actions like ‘Share Now’, ‘Sign Up Today’, ‘Buy Now’, or ‘Get Started’ to get the appropriate action from the reader. The Call to Action must match the purpose for which the Google ads ad copy is designed. 

To conclude,

Making Google ads ad copy appealing and compelling requires the study of consumer behavior. Matching consumer expectations with the product or service’s features can be done by choosing a well-worded ad copy. Mixing words with an image can be more appealing to the mind, researchers say. So, make the best use of words with the help of a Google ads consultant and use them effectively to get Google ads ad copies that can create a stir in the online world.

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