Google Ads management Tips and tricks 2023

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Businesses have experienced several changes in the way consumers have looked for them in the last few years. The ace search engine Google has incorporated changes too. These changes have compelled businesses to reformulate their strategy. If you are also struggling to find how your business can extract maximum visibility and cut the competition, we suggest you to go through the Google Ads Management tips and tricks for 2023. Also, let’s take a look at the changes that have been updated in Google Ads.

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads, or Google AdWords, is the PPC advertising interface. The objective of this service is to help businesses reach more consumers by showing ads across the websites. The funnel strategy is to be designed to maximize the benefits of Google Ads.

Google Ads serve the needs of both the offline and online businesses. While eCommerce ventures benefit from the increase in traffic, the physical stores experience better footfall as a result of the strategies formed for wielding Google Ads as a tool for advertising.

Google Ads Case Studies

A business can plan the advertising campaign as per the budget. The facility is available to both the starters as well as established players. All businesses have the freedom to start, stop or restart the campaign as per the budget conditions.

Let’s find out how Google Ads have changed in the last few years and how to adjust to those changes.

Changes in Google Ads and tips and tricks to survive these

Change#1: Cost per lead has increased for about 21 industries

The overall increase in cost per lead reportedly was 19%. About 23 sectors were taken into consideration to arrive upon the figure. Of these, 21 industries have been affected and had to assign more money to get the lead. Most prominent was Arts and Entertainment which experienced 134% rise in expenditure. Others noticeable ones were Education, Travel and Hospitality, Finance/Insurance and furniture.

Trick: Devise strategies to lower the cost

Emphasis on the negative keywords list can provide relief from increasing cost per lead. It will reduce the expenditure as the clicks will be more meaningful and result-oriented. Rework the budget and sources and find how smart bidding can be used to achieve maximum coverage and well-paying results.

Change #2: Smart shopping and local campaigns replaced

In 2018, the concept of smart campaign started making rounds among the advertisers. It allowed them to target multiple platforms like Display, YouTube and Search. The very next year, Google introduced Local Campaigns. It was meant to cover two more platforms such as Maps and Gmail. These advertising packages are now replaced.

Trick: Adopt Performance Max

It is known to deliver access to all the prevalent platforms; the new entrant is Discovery feed. The performance Max delivered better reach and low CPA. Also, the campaigns become possible to manage in a unified manner that reduces efforts. The advertisers can cover more platforms with a single advertising strategy.

Change #3: Expanded text ads ended

The usual way the PPC ads were crafted comprised manual writing, test and optimization. With the passage of time, several ad styles emerged. In the year 2016, the Extended Text ad format was introduced which was again redefined with larger format in the next two years. However, this has been completely shut down now by Google.

Trick: Resort to Responsive Search Ad (RSA)

The answer to expanded text ads is Responsive Search Ad. It is a more sophisticated Ad format. This format works in an asset-driven manner. Multiple text ads amounting to about 40k variations are possible to create. Such a huge ad styles, however, restricts advertisers from checking the quality. Thus, the end result may not be that favorable, still it creates chances undoubtedly, some critics suggest.

Change # 4: Similar Audiences ending in May 2023

Similar Audiences was introduced about a decade ago to boost remarketing campaigns. The efforts on this doubled when Facebook came up with the Look Alike audience campaigns. However, the advertisers have to roll back these campaigns owing to new privacy boosting requirements.

Trick: Practice optimized targeting and leverage smart bidding strategies

First-party data or customer match data will offer a reliable solution. The advertisers can create newer audiences and expand their reach with these solutions. To get the best benefits from this, the advertisers should maximize their efforts in putting Google’s Audience Expansion into action.

Change #5: Better ways to assess competitor advertising

Google introduced more transparency in the way of advertising with the help of an advertiser verification program. As a result of this program, the targeted ads become more visible. The advertiser can check clearly what the competitor advertisers have published with the help of features provided in the ad.

Trick: The solution is to work around the Search Ads.

Rework on how to use Google Ads for maximum benefits and with minimal efforts. Search for other alternatives to target competitors by redefining Search Ads.

Change #6: Better verification with Logo and Business Name

The introduction of logo and business name in the SERP’s ads will offer better credibility to advertisers. The logo makes the ad more compelling visually and prevents fraudulent advertisers from getting into the system.

Trick: To leverage the benefits of this change, the advertiser business can highlight legal identity or the brand name under which it operates. The strict matching with domain name is also useful in meeting the objectives or earning a reliable identity.

Change #7: New ad styles for vehicles and travel

Vehicle listing ads style was changed in terms of visibility and the ads were made to appear at the top of the SERPs. From the search page itself, the Vehicle shoppers could reach the product specifications and make a decision. This brought more leads to the vehicle advertisers and allowed them to connect better.

Trick: More compelling ads with privileged access to the Google platform to be made. Also, the advertisers need to have an active inventory feed which needs to be submitted regularly through Google Merchant Center for verification.

Change #8: Voice over option in video ads for better presentation

Google Ads has now got the arrangement for helping advertisers add voice overs. Eight voice overs are possible to add. Of these four in male and four in female voice are permitted as of now.

Trick: Ditch the use of video editing software and start using this feature for better viewer experience and quicker results. Learn about the tricks to make videos in budget and get accustomed with fine-print settings.

Change #9: Broad keyword targeting is in sight

The future may belong to broad keywords and Smart bidding. Very recently, Google introduced Beta test for broad keyword match. It has made all advertisers change their strategy.

Trick: Following Google updates as regards to keyword match can help have a progressive approach. Get hold of all the changes pertaining to keyword match types and mix them to create a workable strategy.

Change #10: Audio Ads are on the roll

The listeners of podcasts on YouTube have increased recently citing accessibility and less mobile data consumption as one of the reasons. Google is living up to the expectation of the advertisers by allowing them to serve audio ads through Google Ads, Display or Video 360. Statistics reveal that audio ads had a better brand recall. It improved by more than 85% due to audio ads.

Trick: Design audio ads to meet the expectations of the listeners. These ads should be used where the video ads will not deliver the desired impact. Register with Music Mood Lineups and Podcast Lineups to reach the customers where they are listening the audio content.

Follow three basic principles to get the maximum from Google Ads

Google Ads can deliver the best results when the advertisers act as per the three main principles on which it operates. These principles are:

  • Control: With so many tricks to follow and try, the advertisers can have better control over their campaigns. They can scale up or down the advertising campaign depending on their needs. Also, they can select the start and end date or extend the advertising period. There is a facility to restart the campaign too. So, if any campaign becomes successful, you can repeat the success story by extending or restarting the campaign.

  • Results: Google Ads is a result-oriented service. The advertisers pay for the service only when they get clicks on the ads of any type published. You can measure the results across channels with easy methods. Smart bidding and other smart features bring an element of automaticity to actions and the advertisers garner better responses with actions taken on time and in right capacity.

  • Relevance: Serve the ads where they are looked for the most. The top ads position has become quite a competitive place in the SERP. Statistics reveal that 92% searching for the products and services is happening at Google. And this search engine faces about a trillion queries in a day. Thus, the more relevantly you have designed the ads, more likely will your ad be to get the click. This relevance can be achieved with the help of tips and tricks explained above.

Why to advertise on Google Ads – a quick recap

Google Ads has gone through a number of changes in the last few years. The advertisers still find it a relevant place to launch their campaigns. Listed here are a few reasons for advertising on Google Ads.

  1. It influences decision-making: By serving the customers with an option, the Google Ads increases shopping avenues. The users can go through ads and make better decisions about utilizing the product or services.
  2. Drives traffic: By using the Google Ads campaigns, the websites can drive traffic to them and enhance engagement
  3. Enhances awareness: The users become more aware about the product or service that is advertised at Google Ads. Customers can be informed of the changes in various factors such as offers, price and delivery time when the ads are displayed in response to the query raised.
  4. Drives numbers: As a result of increase in awareness and presenting oneself as an option, the businesses can register more sales or increase conversions.
  5. Promote Web Asset: All the websites and apps can be promoted through Google Ads. The businesses can increase their assets’ visibility by achieving better Ad Rank.
  6. Increase leads: With the help of various techniques like retargeting, Google Ads can help increase the number of positive leads. Chances of conversion rate increase when the customer feels attracted to the ad and clicks it to get more information for making a cognitive purchase

Google remains the top choice to advertise the product owing to several benefits it offers. This search engine is perhaps the only channel where more than 90% of the searches are registered every day. The PPC campaign on this search engine is key ingredient of a successful business. Hence, design the campaigns using the tips mentioned above and make a place among the successful businesses that have considerable number of online sales. To meet the goals like email signup, app installs, product purchase, or others, Google Ads offer a workable solution.

Summing up,

Google Ads is transformed in a number of ways. The changes are introduced to complement the changing needs and economy conditions. By following the tricks and tips mentioned above, you can stay in the game irrespective of the changes introduced. Level up your strategy and work the way around

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