What Google Wants To Do By Changing Default Ad Setting In Google Ads?

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Google made Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) the default ad type for all its Google Ads search campaigns. But advertisers can keep using the Expanded Text Ads feature for creating Google Ads campaigns.

What are Responsive Search Ads?

Started in 2018, RSAs changed the traditional ad format a little bit. A traditional Google ad contains a headline and body. But Google creates multiple stand-alone versions of the ad and these versions are rotated against each other according to campaign settings. 

In RSAs, the ad versions become assets. Here Google mixes and matches these assets to find the best combination to achieve the goals of ad campaigns.

Are RSAs more challenging than traditional ads?

A little more thought is required in setting up RSAs as they involve mixing and matching of assets to create amazing combinations of headlines and body. Here each asset has to make sense in order to achieve the greater result. But there’s little to worry as Google has tools for creating assets. For example, you can “pin” an asset to show your preference for the order in which you want the RSAs to be seen.

What does this change mean for advertisers?

The advertisers can continue using Expanded Text Ads but Google wants them to check more options to maximize their ad performance. For example, take the Ad strength indicator that shows the strength of an ad. Similarly, they can take advantage of personalization features like location and countdown customizers. Google only wants to streamline and simplify the account management by changing the default account setting in Google Ads.

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