10 ways to boost your food & restaurant advertising

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In the digital food business, an average foodie is served 1,700 banner ads every month but more than half of these ads remain sealed. Newcomers in the food business could get lost in the highly saturated environment but there is always a silver lining in the dark cloud.

Google AdWords is the silver lining in the dark cloud of tough competition by big brands. And you can make it work for you by keeping the 10 points. Or you can choose to join hands with a PPC marketing company.


Here’re the 10 important points to make your restaurant ads irresistible


Tip 1: Establish a connection with your diners


Take your restaurant as a brand and personify it to allow it to communicate with the targeted audience. Also, give it a message to deliver but keep in mind that emotional content work much better than the rational content.


Remove Label This Ramadan ad of Coco-Cola could be an eye opener for you. The brand reported 51% increase in its sale after the message for eliminating social prejudice with this ad.


To prepare an emotional content like Coco-Cola, you need to look into your business and try connecting it with a social message like stop wasting food and use organic only. The targeted audience must be able to relate the message to your brand.


Tip 2: Make interesting ads with visual storytelling


An image can say a thousand words about a product and it is proved with data – 55% viewers say that images help in recalling content. Visual ads work well because they grab attention for a longer time. Today the attention span of Internet viewers has reduced to maximum 8 seconds that is too little time to read text matter but this time is sufficient for viewers to click pictures in their minds and remember those images for a long time.


Tip 3: Be creative with colors


Colors can be the best representatives of your food business. Colors make fast food ads appear brighter; the colors reflect energy and give a real feel of the mouthwatering taste the food has to offer. Also, colors provide an opportunity to become playful. For example, you can use contrast like red text with a cyan backdrop. The diners are crazy to know what you have to offer and here contrast color is the key. You can use light colors for cool dishes and red for hot and spicy flavors.


Tip 4: Stay with facts


Some food chains are accused of tempting discerning consumers with misleading ads. The Kellogg’s 2010 case shows how businesses twist facts for monetary gains. It claimed immunity-boosting properties in its Rice Krispies’ but the Federal Trade Commission found the claim to be misleading and asked Kellogg’s to stop the advertisement.


You should know that 54% of viewers skip food ads that make claims too good to be true. It is called deceptive advertising that could hurt your brand and business in the long run. You should keep your ads as close to reality as possible.


Tip 5: Float with Google Trends


If you know how to use trends, you can keep your food business on top of the brands. Google Trends would show latest search trends across the globe and with regional distribution.


In March 2015, the Internet community was fanatically searching solar eclipse. Oreo took this search trend by surprise by relating its brand with the natural phenomenon and reported 35% increase in its sales during the solar eclipse. Similarly, Pokemom Go took the web by surprise to take advantage of search trends.


Tip 6: Tap the right platform


There are so many platforms from social media to websites and blogs to forums to promote brands that you could get confused as to which platform would be more suitable for your brand. But if you can understand behavior of your targeted audience, you can choose the right platform and strike a chord with your customers.


Domino’s gained an edge over others by opening its outlet for Twitter. Buyers can order Domino’s piazzas directly from Twitter. Today it receives approximately 50% orders through digital channels.


Tip 7: Be responsive with your call-to-action


“Over 90% of Internet viewers notice CTA”, Unbounce


The data shows that food businesses have a bigger chance to entice their potential customers to click on their ads but most businesses miss the bus because they fail to notice the opportunity. What is the use of making an ad that you never take not of? You should make your CTA irresistible and also view the response of the visitors.


Tip 8: Hashtags branding


Hashtags can popularize your brand more than anything else. If you can look further than adding more followers to your social media profiles, you can take your branding to the next level where you get visibility. Hashtags can do this job because they inject a fun matter in advertising. For example, you can think of Hashtags that can involve the online customers with no dine-in experience in restaurants.

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Tip 9: Add value to your menu


Menu is the silent member of your sales team and if you can make it more attractive, appealing and mouthwatering, you can have a lasting impression on your customers including online customers. Here you can take advantage of tools like Canva and iMenu that can provide real help in creating customized menus with a wide array of basic templates.


Tip 10: Make a deal


Discount offers, combo deals, family pack, kids’ delight, vegetarian meal and so on. You can create hundreds of lucrative deal options for your customers to choose from. An attractive design coupled with mouthwatering deals would make things irresistible for your customers.




The food industry is highly saturated but the good thing is that there is space for new businesses to come and grow. Foodies are always ready to experiment with their taste, if they are offered right deals on right time. It is where restaurants can make a difference to their approach. Or they can take our help.

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