10 Powerful Tips To Reduce CPC On Google Ads

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If you are one of those people who are already tired of the accumulated cost burdens then a high Cost Per Click or CPC can be a nightmare. There are a number of factors that affect the cost per click. Most people are unaware of these factors and eventually end up paying a lot more than required. If you are running Google Ads for a long time and you don’t see your CPC get any better then you definitely need some help. Most people even reconsider their decision of running Google Ads due to the cost being sometimes even more than the profitability through this method. To ensure your business focuses on the basis of your budget with no unbearable costs, we have come up with some tested tips that will help. The major problem is that the advertisers fail in taking into consideration the time factor. No one will suddenly wake up at 3 am and decide to purchase your product. This implies that scheduling your ads is one important factor that needs enough attention. We will discuss the same and some more powerful tips to reduce CPC on Google Ads as we move further.

10 Powerful Tips To Reduce CPC On Google Ads

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Go For Long-Tail Keywords

During theselection of keywords, you need to assure you to avoid short-tail keywords.Why? Short tail keywords or generic keywords have a high search volume. Thisincreases the clicks on your ads but eventually, the purpose wouldn’t beserved.

Long-tailkeywords assure you reach your target audience or potential customers, therebymeaning the people who are interested in your product or service. This not onlyreduces the cost per click but also ensures you reap the overall benefit of themoney you spend on ads.

Research has shown that a high-quality score eventually leads to lower CPC and long-tail keywords generally have an excellent quality score. Use Google’s Keyword Planner to choose the accurate long-tail keywords that take you closer to your potential customers, thereby leading to increased conversions.

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Low Bids = Low CPC

While researching the keywords, make sure you choose the ones with low bids. If you are looking forward to reducing your cost per click or CPC, then it’s time to avoid competitive keywords. The method of bidding also impacts your CPC. You should always go with manual bidding since it offers full control over the cost. You can set the maximum CPC, unlike automated bidding that generally sets the cost for you. But let’s be honest, not everyone has enough time or knowledge to go with the manual method. If you are one amongst them then you can opt for the maximum clicks bid strategy, wherein you will get a maximum number of clicks based on the budget set by you.

10 Powerful Tips To Reduce CPC On Google Ads

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Improved Quality Score Assures Lower CPC

Cost per click orCPC is highly dependent upon the quality score. It is the rating given byGoogle based on the relevancy that you offer. The quality score improves as thead ranking improves. Securing 3rd or 4th position will eventually help you inreducing CPC. This ensures you maximize the overall profits you earn throughads. If you have a low-quality score then a number of steps can be taken toimprove the same.

  • Research keywords thoroughly beforepicking them up. Understanding their current performance will help you inmaking the right choice.
  • Try choosing different ad groups based onthe similarity of keywords.
  • Work on improving your landing page to havea great first impression on visitors. An improved landing page will eventuallylead to a better score.
  • Avoid using the dynamic keyword insertionfeature in which you can use the exact words someone type in the query. Nomatter how beneficial it seems, it substantially reduces your quality score.

Ad Scheduling Is An Important Aspect

As a businessowner, choosing to run your ad throughout the day and night could cost you afortune. To save a sufficient amount of money along with making the most ofyour efforts, you need to schedule your ads.

Firstly, you needto research your audience to understand the time they spend online scrollingthrough the internet. This is the exact time when they will come across yourads. If you miss this time, then you are only giving opportunities to yourcompetitors to reach out to them before you.

Let’s say, forexample, your target audience spends a considerable amount of time on weekends.You can schedule your ads to run more during this period.

The specific daysand time limits are completely dependent on the response that you receive fromyour potential customers. Properly analyzing the timing is essential beforescheduling the ads.

Apart from that, it also reduces irrelevant clicks that only contribute to increased cost. For maximum conversion, ad scheduling is something you need to spend an ample amount of time on.

10 Powerful Tips To Reduce CPC On Google Ads

Geo-Targeting Increases The Possibility Of Conversion

What can bebetter than targeting the areas that you know will give the best possibleresults? Geo-targeting will show your ads only in your selected areas, therebycutting off the extra cost of running your ads in less fruitful areas.

Let’s say, youoffer services only in a particular region. Running ads outside the region willbe of absolutely no use and only accumulates to the cost.

When it comes totargeting locations, you can simply select a particular locality, city, state,etc. Your ads will only be seen by your potential customers, thereby improvingthe chances of conversion. Furthermore, what’s the point of reaching out topeople who can not get access to what you offer?

One Keyword Per Ad Group

This is one ofthose successful strategies that are followed by advertisers. When you insertone particularly strong keyword, it leads to the creation of a relevant adgroup. User intent needs to be kept in mind and this ensures your campaigns arealigned with the same.

You’ll graduallynotice an improved CTR due to an increase in the relevancy factor. Research hasshown that this strategy improves visibility to a great extent. To select themost relevant keyword per ad group, you need to conduct in-depth research onyour top-notch competitors. Go through the long-tail keywords they select fortheir campaign and use them accordingly.

Focus On Improving YourLanding Pages

Matching your ads toyour landing page is an important aspect of a reduced CPC. You cannot expectpeople to click on your ads if your landing page is nowhere relevant to thekeywords used. Demonstrating a clear value proposition should be an importanttarget of your landing page. You can research through your competitors’ landingpages to get a clear idea. Accordingly, work on yours and make sure it standsout among the crowd.

Increase The Usage OfNegative Keywords

Negative keywordsare certain words or phrases a searcher types that you need to avoid. Thesewords or phrases often lead to queries that are of no real use for yourbusiness. No matter how high these words or phrases rank, they will only takeyou closer to people who have nothing to do with your products or services.

By using negativekeywords, you will be blocking your ads from being shown to these searchers.Irrelevant queries eventually lead to an unnecessary cost burden that will beavoided. Merely focusing on long-tail keywords is not enough and you must blockthese short-tail keywords as well.

Using negativekeywords ensures reduced CPC by getting rid of all such types of queries. Yourads will only be displayed to people who are willing to purchase your productsor services. This is one of the most effective methods of improving yourquality score.

How to reduce CPC?

Opt-In To Search Partners ForLower CPC

There are certain websites that Google partners with, for example, Amazon. These websites can be used for displaying your ads and they generally have low CPC due to decreased competition in comparison to Google. Due to decreased competition, you will eventually notice low costs and high profits.

All thesewebsites are highly successful and can help you reach your target audience inno time. Therefore, this is one of the most cost-effective methods of reachingyour target audience.

Focus On Keyword Expansion

Never keepyourself restricted to updating the currently used good-performing keywords.Continuously researching and adding new keywords is of utmost importance. Keepusing and identifying new tools for keyword expansion. There are a number ofdifferent keywords your competitors are adding to their list regularly. Makesure you are not stuck with the ones you initially chose.

The Final Verdict

These were some of the most fruitful tips that you can use to get a reduced CPC. Let’s be honest, earning money is no easy task and you need to ensure you reduce all possible costs to the minimum. Go through these tips or hire a Google ads consultant and make all the necessary changes that you can right now without any further delay. It’s time to get some real returns out of the efforts you put into your campaigns.

Does the landing page affect CPC?

Yes, the landing page determines your quality score, thereby affecting CPC

Do low-volume keywords imply a poor quality score?

No, a low-volume keyword does not imply a poor quality score. Low volume keywords keep away irrelevant searches, in turn, improving the quality score by targeting the right people.

Why is the manual method preferred over the automated method?

The manual method is preferred over the automated method since it offers a better sense of control.

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